Parler accuses Amazon of giving a green light to hackers to attack its data centers

Parler accused Amazon of giving hackers a green light to target the social media platform’s data centers.

In the fallout of the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, Amazon Web Services (AWS) took Parler offline alongside other tech companies citing concerns about harmful speech online. Parler sued Amazon and said in a court filing that Amazon deliberately left open Amazon Route 53, a Domain Name System web service, that invited the hackers.

“In other words, AWS essentially illuminated a large neon arrow directing hackers to Parler’s backup datacenters,” Parler said in a court filing on Monday. “And the hackers got the message, launching an extremely large attack — one 250 times larger and 12-24 times longer than the average [Distributed Denial-of-Service] attack.”

Parler’s court filing said AWS later eliminated the Route 53 link, but the damage was done and the “AWS-facilitated attack” made clear to others that if they hosted Parler they would experience hacks, too.

AWS didn’t just put Parler up a creek without a paddle — it banished it up the Columbia River without a boat and made sure no other boats would be willing to come to the rescue,” Parler said in the filing.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Since being taken offline earlier this month, Parler resurfaced this week. The platform is not up-and-running, however, Parler.com displays a message about technical difficulties and includes statements from the company’s staffers.

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