Biden’s ‘woke’ Afghanistan strategy

In the continuing aftermath of the catastrophe of the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan, the Biden administration continues to display the feckless wokeness causing disaster after disaster. 

Ned Price, the State Department spokesman, announced the United States would actually consider recognizing the terrorist gang’s “government” if they … wait for it … included women in the government.

Fox News reported: “Despite the Taliban‘s long history of oppression of women and iron-fisted rule, [Price] … urged Afghanistan‘s new leaders to form an inclusive government that had women in it.” He also noted “that the U.S. government would recognize a potential new government of Afghanistan so long as that government ‘upholds rights, doesn’t harbor terrorists, and protects the rights of women and girls.’ He did not say how the Taliban could convince the U.S. government that it has reformed itself in this way,” Fox reported.

Here’s a newsflash for Biden’s administration: The Taliban have not changed. They are still a brutal, stone-age terrorist group relying on Shariah law to implement the complete oppression of women and terrorize every person into submission.   

Insisting that the Taliban put women in the government, implying that it will give them an air of legitimacy, would be like telling Jeffrey Epstein having a woman running his business would prove his intentions were laudable.

It doesn’t matter that Lori Lightfoot is the mayor of Chicago as people of color, women, and girls are all still destroyed in the violent hellscape that woman has helped facilitate.

D.C.’s Mayor Muriel Bowser also presides over a disaster zone, with death, destruction and hopelessness impacting everyone, including Black women, girls and everyone else who happens to live under her disastrous ‘progressive’ agenda.

And then there’s Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan. Maybe someone can ask all of the women who died in the nursing homes of that state if they felt better it was a woman’s policy that sent them to their deaths.

And then there’s “Time’s Up” leadership Roberta Kaplan and Tina Tchen, leaders of an organization that was supposed to be representing sexual harassment and assault victims in the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein debacle. Ms. Kaplan and Ms. Tchen were named in the New York attorney general’s report on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s behavior, indicating they assisted his office’s efforts to smear one of his accusers.

In an open letter on Medium, former clients, staff and other survivors of sexual assault and harassment wrote, “In the detailed report, Kaplan and Tchen, in their roles at TIME’S UP, weaponized their knowledge of survivors experiences to help Gov. Cuomo and his office … Instead of helping survivors remain at the center of our own stories, we find out in the press that you were consulted by abusers to aid them in victim-blaming and undermining our ability to come forward. …”

We know here in the United States that when Democrats and the corrupt (but I repeat myself) are in charge, no matter the gender of the person making the decisions, you will have corrupt and horrible results.  

Good governance is about character, values, principles, and a commitment to genuine freedom and human rights. There will always be people from across the spectrum who are available to facilitate any agenda. Women are not genetically incapable of being abusive or horrible. As a feminist myself, I’m serious when I say women can do everything men can — including implementing disastrous, deadly, and misogynistic policy.

The same idiotic virtue signal of placing gay pride and Black Lives Matter flags over the U.S. Embassy in Kabul earlier this year also informs the Biden administration’s ridiculous set of demands insisting everything will be better if a terrorist gang puts women in their government.  

Just this year alone, Insider reports, “The Taliban employed terror tactics to weaken the US-backed government. A suicide attacker car-bombed the defense minister’s home in Kabul. They assassinated the government’s director of government media. Afghan officials accused the Taliban of complicity in a roadside bombing that killed 11 people and in the triple-bombing of high-school girls attended, where a blast in the school drove out students only to face two more bombs outside. Eighty-five people, mostly teenage girls, died. In May, the Taliban beheaded an Afghan interpreter for the US Army. …” 

But hey, everything will be better if you show the world a woman! Show them a Black person! Show them a gay! Show them a trans! Smile and clap! Choose a few to not stone to death or lynch from a crane, and we’ve got your back. And don’t forget to hoist the flags, have a parade!  

Perhaps the Democrats will send the Taliban some help to convince the world they’re not at all who they still are. Roberta Kaplan isn’t busy; maybe she can come over to advise them on how to make sure women are kept safe from sexual harassment. Lori Lightfoot can visit with advice on how to decrease violence in Kabul. Kamala Harris can make a grand entrance on how to keep their borders secure as she investigates “root causes.” And Liz Cheney, no doubt, would be kind enough to advise the new ‘leadership’ of Afghanistan on how to never, ever let real issues impair your mission to persecute your political opposition.

Maybe, in the end, the Taliban will even appoint a woman to head their nuclear “Wipe Israel off the face of the Earth” program. 

If the United States and the world look for excuses to support a terrorist government in Afghanistan, we are all complicit in the mass murder, terrorism and horror that will follow.

• Tammy Bruce, the author, host at Fox Nation, and contributor at Fox News is a radio talk-show host. 

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