Biden cuts vacation short, returns to White House

President Biden cut short his planned vacation for a second time, returning Tuesday evening to the White House.

The president returned from Camp David, where he had departed after he’d given a Monday afternoon speech on the collapse of the U.S.-backed regime in Afghanistan.

He originally had planned to return from Camp David on Wednesday.

According to reporters, Mr. Biden landed at Fort McNair at about 9:05 p.m. EDT and his motorcade arrived at the White House about 15 minutes later.

Earlier on Tuesday, the White House had called a “lid,” meaning the president planned no further public events or movements for the rest of the day. The return to the White House was therefore an afternoon improvisation.

The president had come under considerable fire for staying out of the public eye since late last week when the Taliban began its sudden sweep through Afghanistan.

That criticism caused him to return to Washington on Monday to deliver his nationally televised address, but he went back to Camp David almost immediately. But only stayed there another 24 hours or so.

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