Russell Westbrook dances on the sideline as Knicks-Wizards game is delayed by smoking replay monitor


One of the primary benefits of basketball being an indoor sport is that it is rarely subject to the sort of delays that dog other professional leagues. Who cares if it’s raining? Basketball teams play in arenas. But Friday’s Knicks-Wizards game was delayed by a unique sort of problem. Between the first and second quarters at Capital One Arena, the sideline replay monitor started smoking. 

That gave players on both sides time to kill as the arena workers attempted to solve the problem. Some players ran in an attempt to star warm. Others took the opportunity to get a bit of extra rest. But Russell Westbrook found his own way to pass the time. He put on a bit of a performance for the few people in the building by dancing on the sideline for practically the entire delay without any music. 

Sadly, Westbrook’s performance couldn’t be appreciated by many in person. The Wizards are still not allowing fans to attend games due to coronavirus, so for the most part, fans could only see his dance moves watching from home on either television or social media.

The delay came to an end after only around 10 minutes. The problem was solved and the second quarter kicked off without a hitch. But it’s comforting to know that midway through what is looking like a lottery season, Westbrook can still manage to find some joy on the court even if it isn’t necessarily related to basketball. 

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