Ravens’ Lamar Jackson gives $100 to man on street who couldn’t identify him

Getty’s Michael Hickey

Not everyone is plugged into the NFL. Some can’t identify a former MVP even if they stopped and had a conversation with them on the street. Here’s proof: Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson bumped into a man while out walking and, while the man recognized Jackson as a famous professional athlete, he couldn’t exactly place him.

Jackson offered the man $100 if he correctly guessed which position he played.

The man was confident in the sport Jackson played, saying, “I know you play football,” but wasn’t sure for what team or at which position. He first guessed wide receiver and then assumed offensive lineman.

“You might not get this $100,” Jackson said after the two incorrect guesses.

Despite the man not knowing the answer, Jackson still handed him the $100 bill and gave the man a hug. The 2019 MVP joked on Twitter about the exchange, saying, “If he would’ve said RB I would’ve kept my 100” — which is a great reference back to when Jackson was coming out of college and many people thought he’d be a better running back than quarterback.

Jackson posted the exchange on social media:

It only took a few moments after Jackson handed the man his prize for him to run back with the correct identification on the QB. 

“Lamar Jackson!” the man exclaimed, as he ran back. “Yeah, that’s me,” Jackson replied. 

Safe to say Jackson has a new fan.

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