Mets star Francisco Lindor reacts to hearing boos at Citi Field: ‘It sucks, it doesn’t feel right’

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Given that expectations that flow from signing a $341 million contract extension not long after a blockbuster trade, it’s no great leap to think that Francisco Lindor might one day hear boos from fans of the New York Mets. That those boos came not even one month into this first season in Queens is a bit of a surprise. That, however, is indeed what has happened. 

Lindor in Tuesday’s 2-1 loss to the Red Sox at Citi Field went for 1 for 4 with a single, and now his 2021 slash line stands at .212/.321/.273 through 18 games. As Anthony DiComo of, Lindor heard some boos following his final plate appearance, which ended in a soft ground-out. 

Naturally enough, the star shortstop was asked about those boos. Here’s how he responded on Wednesday:

“It’s interesting and it’s funny and it sucks,” Lindor said. “It doesn’t feel right for sure. Interesting because it’s the first time it’s happened in my career. …I get it. They’re booing because there are no results, that’s it. They’re expecting results. I expect results. It’s part of the job.”

To Lindor’s credit, he understands why he’s being booed and doesn’t seem to take it personally. The good news for Lindor and the Mets is that his struggles probably won’t last. While his 2021 OPS+ checks in at a paltry 71, he boasts a career mark of 116, which is excellent production for a slick-fielding shortstop. He has only one home run as a Met, but for his career he’s averaged 28 homers per 162 games played. Barring some kind of unreported injury, Lindor will almost certainly find his level soon enough, and the boos will cease. He’s also still going to save runs with his glove even when his bat isn’t doing its usual work. 

Yes, Lindor has been hitting the ball weakly thus far in 2021, which means his struggles aren’t the result of simple misfortune. Still, there’s no denying the track record of success at the plate, and just as there’s no denying that his struggles of the current season span a very small data sample. Lindor will get there, but the question is how many more booing sessions he’ll endure before he does. 

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