Here’s what Tom Brady said to Drew Brees after Buccaneers playoff win over Saints

When it comes to the postgame handshake, no one has created more controversy this year than Tom Brady. The Buccaneers quarterback made headlines after he snubbed at least two different playersNick Foles and Jared Goff — for a postgame handshake. 

Following the Buccaneers 30-20 playoff win over the Saints on Sunday where Brady and Drew Brees combined for the oldest matchup ever of quarterbacks in an NFL game, Brady definitely didn’t snub his Saints counterpart. Instead, the 43-year-old Brady found the 42-year-old Brees at midfield for a warm embrace. 

In the year of COVID, hugs have been few and far between on the field after most games, but Brady managed to give one to Brees while also telling him, “Love you, man.” You can see the entire moment that the two men shared in the video below from NFL Films. 

Brady definitely isn’t a guy who is usually throwing out words like “Love you” to his opponents after the game — he doesn’t even SHAKE HANDS with some people — so this unique moment makes it seem like more evidence that Brees is likely going to retire. If you watch the video all the way to the end, you’ll also see Brees take one last look at the field before walking off. 

The postgame handshake between Brady and Brees actually wasn’t even the final time the two quarterbacks met up on Sunday night. As we wrote about earlier this week, Brady actually went back out on the field to hang out with Brees and his family and after that meeting was over, the Buccaneers quarterback made sure to get one more hug in. 

So is Brees going to retire? 

The Saints quarterback was asked about the possibility of retirement after the loss and he decided to play coy. 

“Well, I’ll answer this question one time, and that is that I’m going to give myself an opportunity to think about the season, think about a lot of things, just like I did last year, and make a decision,” Brees said.

From the postgame handshake to the way Brees emotionally walked off the field to the late night hang out session with Brady, it’s definitely starting to seem like the Saints quarterback plans to hang up his cleats for good this offseason. Although Brees wasn’t impressive on Sunday — he threw three interceptions to go along with just 134 yards — he’ll no doubt go down as one of the best quarterbacks of all-time whenever he decides to retire. 

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