Chris Paul drinks ‘Secret Stuff,’ propels Suns to overtime victory over Jazz

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At 35, Chris Paul showed on Wednesday why he’s one of the greatest point guards to ever play the game when he helped the Suns claim a 117-113 overtime victory over the Utah Jazz, the best team in the Western Conference. What made the performance that much more awesome, however, was the lowkey homage to “Space Jam” while on the sidelines.

While he was hydrating near the team bench area, the broadcast saw Paul drinking from a plastic bottle that had a piece of paper wrapped around it with “Chris’ Secret Stuff” written on it. This is a reference to the original “Space Jam,” in which Michael Jordan and his team of Looney Tunes characters were in the locker room dejected over the halftime deficit they faced against the Monstars, only for Bugs Bunny to break out a bottle labeled “Michael’s Secret Stuff” and give almost everyone — save for Wayne Knight’s character — a sip to reinvigorate them for a second-half comeback.

In the movie, it’s later revealed that Bugs only slapped that label onto a bottle of regular water, proving that the Tune Squad had the talent to beat the Monstars within them all along. Just like in the film, Paul’s bottle wasn’t filled with anything special beyond a typical sports drink, but unlike in “Space Jam,” the Point God likely didn’t need to be tricked into motivating himself to be better. He just flat out did it.

Paul went on to score 16 points in the fourth quarter towards a stat line that resulted in 29 points and nine assists, including the final two free throws that iced the game in overtime.

It would be nice if this was an incidental reference to a movie that many associate with their childhoods, but what’s more likely is that this is a slight marketing nod towards the upcoming sequel to “Space Jam” featuring Paul’s Banana Boat buddy, LeBron James. At least his mini ad happened during a win.

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