Bruins go full 1990s with fashion choices ahead of Lake Tahoe outdoor game vs. Flyers

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It can be argued that nobody embraces a theme attached to an outdoor hockey game quite like the Boston Bruins. They proved that once again on Sunday ahead of their game against the Flyers at Lake Tahoe. Before Boston took the sheet of ice situated on the 18th hole of Tahoe’s golf course, they arrived to the game wearing over-the-top ’90s era garb — including loud colors, vintage clothing and nostalgic accessories.

Neon snowsuits? Check. Fanny packs? Check. Walkman on the hip? Incredible commitment, and check.

Bruins goalie Jaroslav Halak even took it one step further by wearing a fake mullet underneath his toque as he took the ice for warmups.

David Pastrnak delivered his best Macho Man Randy Savage tribute.

Between the gorgeous, picturesque setting of Lake Tahoe and the incredible outfits donned by the Bruins players, there was plenty of sights to take in before the sun went down for the game.

It’s not the first time the Bruins have fully embraced the atmosphere and scenery ahead of an outdoor game. Before the 2019 Winter Classic at Notre Dame Stadium, Boston players showed up wearing old school “Peaky Blinders”-style suits that fit the throwback vibe of the event.

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