Trump Throws A Fit And Screams At Reporter When Asked If He Will Concede

Trump finally took questions on Thanksgiving day where at one point he screamed at a reporter who asked if he will concede.


Trump was asked, “If the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden, will you concede?”

Trump answered by screaming at the reporter, “If they do, they made a mistake because this election — This election was a fraud. Just so you understand, this election was a fraud. They have Biden beating Obama on Obama’s vote in areas that mattered in terms of the election, in swing states. And yet he’s losing to Obama all over the place. But he’s beating Obama in swing states, which of the states that matter for the purposes of the election, so no, I can’t say that at all. I think it’s a possibility — they are trying to — look, between your people — don’t talk to me that way. You’re just a lightweight. Don’t talk to me that what — I’m the President Of United States, don’t ever talk to the president that way.”

Trump also openly admitted that he is trying to plot a coup to overturn Biden’s win before the Electoral College votes and that he thinks all of the election results in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin were fraudulent.

Trump’s entire session with reporters was one insane outburst after another.

A reporter gave Trump a dose of reality, which he responded to by screaming at the questioner.

Happy Thanksgiving. This is the last Thanksgiving that you’ll ever have to have interrupted by Trump in the White House.

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