Trump Shows More Urgency Responding To Tiger Woods’ Car Crash Than The U.S. Capitol Attack

Disgraced ex-president Donald Trump quickly crawled out from under his Mar-a-Lago rock on Tuesday when the news broke of Tiger Woods’ car accident, pushing out a statement about the golfer before running to Fox News for an interview.

“I was really surprised,” Trump said of the car accident during a telephone appearance on Fox. “He won the Masters with a bad back, which tells you the level of talent is incredible and he’s been working on that and then has this happened, it’s just tragic, tragic.”

Trump added, “[Woods] had an incredible life and he’s going to continue to have an incredible life. … It’s pretty bad on the legs I understand.”

Woods is expected to be okay after suffering non-life-threatening injuries from the crash.

Video of Trump the golf commentator:

Trump’s rush to comment on the Tiger Woods news is a major departure from his behavior during the Capitol attack, when he sat on his hands and giddily watched cable news coverage of the insurrection that he caused.

It took six hours from when the Capitol was breached to when it was finally secured, largely due to the fact that Trump refused to act swiftly.

Trump finally finds a topic he’s qualified to talk about

For five years, Donald Trump dominated cable news coverage. That was particularly true during the pandemic when he staged made-for-TV press conferences in which he dismissed the virus and promoted dangerous and unproven treatments.

Trump was never qualified to be president of the United States. Whenever he opened his mouth in front of a microphone, anyone within listening distance became less informed about the world.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump finally found a topic he was qualified to talk about: golf.

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