Trump Makes His Big Return Politics With His Pants Potentially On Backward

Donald Trump made his return to politics in North Carolina, but what got all the attention were his wrinkled pants that appeared to be on backward.

Video of the infamous Trump pants:

A closer look:

Trump’s pants appear to have no zipper in the front, and given the odd way that they fit on his legs, it is easy to see how the idea that he is wearing them backward sprung to life on Twitter.

It is bad news for the former failed one-term president and Republicans who are hoping that he will lead them back to victory that the big story coming out of North Carolina isn’t about anything that he had to say, but instead, he is trending for his pants.

Republicans have already claimed that the pants are photoshopped and that will likely soon be saying that this is a socialist plot to get Trump by attacking his pants.

Part of the reason why Trump was able to win in 2016 was that the media elevated him and took him seriously. That dynamic changed during his presidency, and now the failed blogger is being treated like a sideshow clown who can’t even properly wear a pair of pants.

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