Trump Appears To Be Looting The White House On His Way Out

Items that could belong to the American people are being carried out of the White House by Trump’s staff.

A bust of Abe Lincoln left the West Wing:

Trump advisor Peter Navarro was spotted taking a painting:

Gifts from foreign leaders don’t belong to the president.

According to the Congressional Research Service, “‘A tangible gift of more than minimal value accepted for reasons of protocol or courtesy may not be kept as a personal gift, however, but is considered accepted on behalf of and property of the United States, and in the case of such a gift for the President or the President’s family, is handled by the National Archives and Records Administration.”

Gifts are supposed to be stored and then moved to a presidential library. If the president wants to buy a gift, he or she can purchase it from the government. The president is also not allowed to accept and keep presents from foreign governments, and the minimal value of a gift is limited to less than $20.

Trump did not bring his own bust of Lincoln or painting of himself with Xi into the White House, so it looks like the administration is ignoring the gift laws, and stealing everything that isn’t bolted down.

The Biden staff might be spending a lot of time on eBay trying to get back the haul that Trump is lifting from the White House.

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