Ted Cruz Nonsensically Claims He Went To Cancun To Escort His Family

Ted Cruz has issued a statement on his Cancun vacation that claims he only went to Cancun to escort his family.

The statement from Sen. Cruz:

As Kelly O’Donnell pointed out above, Sen. Cruz’s statement never said that the plan was for him to only go for one night but that he would be flying back this afternoon.
Ted Cruz got busted vacationing in Cancun while millions are suffering without electricity or safe drinking water in his state. After getting caught, Cruz decided that he had to cut his vacation short and come home after one night.

The idea that Cruz was only escorting his family is utter nonsense. If Cruz was only acting as an escort, why did he take his luggage and try to upgrade his seat?

Cruz is running for president again in 2024, which is why he is trying to spin his lack of concern for the people of Texas as “family values.” Flyin’ Ted got caught, and now he is scrambling home to do damage control.

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