Sen. Pat Toomey Says He Will Oppose And Block $2,000 Stimulus Checks

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) told Trump to sign the congressionally passed stimulus bill because he will oppose $2,000 stimulus checks for every American.

Video clip of Toomey:

Toomey was asked on Fox News Sunday why Trump should sign the current bill, and he answered:

You don’t get everything you want even if you’re the president of the United States. We have two legislative bodies, and Democrats control one, Republicans the other. Look, if it were just the freestanding government funding bill, I would almost certainly be voting against that, and I think the COVID relief measures are really, really important.


I don’t agree with $2,000 checks to people who have had no lost income whatsoever…Why would we be sending $2,000 to people with six-figure income who have had no suspension, no reduction of income at all, which is the vast majority of Americans.

Toomey only wants to give aid to people who have lost their jobs, or their businesses are failing.

Full clip of Toomey:

Sen. Toomey’s claim that most Americans haven’t lost income due to the pandemic is false. Back in July, more than 50% of US households had lost income due to the pandemic, and considering that conditions have gotten worse since the summer, the odds are good that the true economic losses are staggering, but Toomey wants to limit aid only to the current jobless.

Toomey is also fully aware that the current Congress ends on January 3, so there isn’t time to write a targeted stimulus bill and get it through Congress.

The $2,000 checks are needed,
but Toomey’s answer made it clear that he will oppose and block any effort to provide that level of relief in the US Senate.

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