Biden Thanks Military Families On Memorial Day Weekend Instead Of Golfing

President and First Lady Biden are spending the Friday before Memorial Day thanking military families, which is different from the previous four years.

Clip of President Biden thanking members of the military and their families in Virginia:

President Biden said, “You do so much and you ask for so little. You know, our experience is a fraction of what so many of you and your families have gone through. Like Britney and her kids, you are the best America has to offer. Her heart, her honor, her solid steel spine. My message to all of you is quite simple. Thank you. Thank you. Not thank you for your service, just thank you for who you are. Because, it is contagious. Thank you for choosing selfless service to your country.”

The previous president spent the first part of Memorial Day weekend in 2020 golfing. He did not golf on the holiday itself, being that it was an election year, but he spent Memorial Day itself holding two events where he was supposed to paying tribute to those who served, but instead rambled about himself and COVID. In 2019 it was even worse as the former president ranted about impeachment and completely ignored the sacrifice of fallen heroes who served.

A president who cares about those who serve and treats the holiday marking the ultimate sacrifice for the country seriously and with respect is quite the refreshing change.

President Biden may golf later in the weekend, but he did something that has been missing for the last four years. Biden thanked members of the military and their families for their service to the country.

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