The Drinktator’s deposed as Albany allows food-free booze purchases

Cheers, New York: The Drinktator has finally been overruled on one of his most outrageous edicts.

The Legislature at last overturned Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s rule forcing you to buy food along with alcohol at a bar, restaurant or even a winery — a mandate that never had a thing to do with slowing COVID, nor with anything resembling science.

The gov himself is starting to relax other rules, such as his curfews for bars and eateries — but only slowly.

The slapdown was unanimous Wednesday — 61-0 in the state Senate, 149-0 in the Assembly — with Democrats and Republicans alike slamming Cuomo’s July 2020 “no drinks without food” mandate.

“I’ve yet to find any scientific literature that finds a correlation between ordering food with your drink and stopping the spread of COVID-19,” Sen. John Mannion (D-Syracuse) said on the floor.

Sen. George Borello (R-Jamestown), a restaurateur himself, blasted his colleagues for not repealing the rule when they limited Cuomo’s emergency powers in early March: “While the pandemic was certainly not a crisis that we created, the economic crisis was absolutely manmade by one man, enabled by this body and by the Assembly.”

It marked the first time the Legislature revoked a Cuomo pandemic order. Two others also died, including the mandatory fines for vaccinating the “wrong” people.

“There are a number of unscientific, arbitrary executive orders that need to be terminated, and I truly hope today’s action is the beginning,” Sen. Peter Oberacker (R-Schenevus) said.

The same day, Cuomo announced an end to the midnight curfew for bars and restaurants — but not until May 17 for outdoor dining and May 31 for indoor. He’ll also start allowing bar seating again on May 3 — a restriction he only put on Gotham.

Why wait?

These orders (which started as a 10 p.m. curfew last year) never made a lick of sense: The virus isn’t a vampire that only comes out at night. And his own contact-tracing data found eateries only accounted for 1.43 percent of COVID cases.

“Lifting these restrictions for restaurants, bars and catering companies will allow these businesses that have been devastated by the pandemic to begin to recover,” ran the gov’s press release. Does he really expect his victims to thank him?

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