Letters to the Editor — Feb. 19, 2021

The Issue: Reports that the Cuomo administration concealed the true number of COVID deaths in homes.

The man who would be king, Gov. Cuomo, has blamed everyone except himself and Mother Teresa for the deaths of our senior citizens (“Caught in the Cuo Ire Storm,” Feb. 18).

He has resorted to calling a Democratic state lawmaker and threatening him, saying: “You will be destroyed,” according to Assemblyman Ron Kim. What will be next in our governor’s repertoire: “Off with their heads?”

I truly hope when he is up for re-election, our voters remember this debacle and vote him out.

James Marchese
West Islip

Reading the results of the Siena poll gives focus as to why this city and state are self-destructing (“Poll rips hidden figures,” Feb. 17).

Some 54 percent of Democrats approve of the way Cuomo handled the nursing-home deaths.

This is a man who not only lied about the numbers, he knowingly sent the virus into nursing homes after he ordered the homes to cease all family visits because they could inadvertently introduce the virus.

The idea that this governor may be re-elected tells us why things are as bad as they are.

George Czerniawski

I was a bit shocked by the poll results on how the governor handled the release of data on nursing-home deaths.

Regardless of party, how can anyone agree that withholding this information was justified under any circumstances, especially to thwart a potential Department of Justice investigation?

My God, more than 13,000 people died because of this man’s policies. If that doesn’t justify an investigation, I can’t imagine what would.

John Kapica

After his months of stonewalling and blaming everyone else, it has become very apparent that the blame rests squarely on Cuomo’s shoulders.

But the question is: Now what happens? Does anybody think the state Legislature has the guts to stand up to the king? Will Letitia James, the state attorney general, be willing to do a complete investigation once Cuomo starts turning the screws?

Things will quiet down, people will forget and he’ll be re-elected. That’s what always happens in New York politics. We elect the worst politicians, re-elect them and wonder why things don’t get any better.

Kim Gamache
Saratoga Springs

I would like to thank whoever is responsible for the darkly amusing editorial, “Quit actin’ like a capo” (Feb. 18).

Cuomo’s heavy-handed response is objectionable, but it was clever of the editorial board to troll him by referring to references from “The Godfather,” and it’s a good question for him: “Why do you keep acting like a two-bit don?”

Politics among Democrats seem rather like mob families. Which political faction has now decided it’s time to take out Cuomo after months of allowing him to be built up as the corona-response king?

I would advise whoever wrote that editorial not to answer the phone from unknown numbers. It could be Cuomo calling. Stay safe.

Marion Sanders
Belle Mead, NJ

I am gratified The Post keeps pounding Cuomo’s lies every day. He surely deserves it. Please don’t let up.

If other media would be honest and report his incompetence, lies and coverups, he could become the most hated man in America.

Many of The Post’s readers live in New Jersey, where our fool governor followed Cuomo’s lead. That led to another 8,000 deaths of seniors.

I sincerely hope The Post doesn’t give Gov. Phil Murphy a pass just because he only has half the blood on his hands that Cuomo does.

Bob Porch
Marlton, NJ

It is truly astonishing how Cuomo continues to pass the blame of the nursing-home catastrophe onto everyone else, and, as usual, the media was complicit in the coverup until very recently.

It is not enough to take away his executive powers regarding the coronavirus, we should be asking for his resignation, and demanding a full investigation.

Allison Luke
Rockville Centre

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