Letters to the Editor — Feb. 18, 2021

The Issue: A homeless man who allegedly stabbed at least four people on the A line over the weekend.

When will enough be enough (“More cops could have saved her,” Feb. 17)?

Once again, The Post’s “Cities in Crisis” articles point out the failures of the city’s mental-health system.

How many subway pushings, slashings and random assaults should New Yorkers endure? A mentally ill person who commits a crime needs treatment, not a court ticket or low bail. They end up right back in the street.

I’ve spent close to 50 years as a psychiatric nurse. I believe in civil rights and the recovery movement, but I also believe that the public has the right to safety.

People who are mentally ill and violent need to be committed, treated and not released until there is a period of stability and a mandated aftercare plan.

Laura Logue Rood


I loved Nicole Gelinas’ article “Soaring Crime is Killing NY’s Subways” (Feb. 15), but I disagree.

Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo’s revolving door of justice and constant release of criminals is what is killing the subways.

Who was afraid to take to the subway under Mayors Rudy Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg or Gov. George Pataki? Anyone? They held people accountable instead of blaming the system for the wrongdoings of career criminals.

Kenny Knapp

The Bronx

The media and your paper all identify the alleged subway stabber and all four of his victims as homeless people.

More cops will not address that problem. More beds in shelters and better mental-health services to the down-and-out will.

Terry O’Neill


I have one question: Where is First Lady Chir­lane McCray and her failed ThriveNYC?

An allegedly mentally ill homeless maniac was running around the subway system, pushing people in front of trains and terrorizing others.

McCray’s brilliant husband, de Blasio, wants to defund the police, yet he throws all this money at her failed program.

Gene O’Brien


Just last June, de Blasio cut $1 billion from the NYPD budget.

He took away some responsibilities from the police, such as responding to the homeless, and said he would increase outreach to this population through the mental-health system.

However, we have seen a surge in subway crime, including this weekend’s slashings.

The city is responding by adding more than 600 cops to subway patrol in an effort to reduce violence by this population.

This begs the questions: Should funds be restored to the Police Department? And what happened to the money spent by ThriveNYC?

Thrive, headed by the mayor’s wife, was supposed to address the problem of homeless, mentally ill people.

Anthony Daddiego


While de Blasio naps, New Yorkers are praying their next trip on the subways isn’t their last.

The stabbings and the shovings are now a daily occurrence.

How about showing some fairness and equity to hard-working and fare-paying New Yorkers by putting more NYPD officers in the subway system? The time is now.

John O’Neill

Delray Beach, Fla.

We need to undo the criminal-justice reforms that have led to the killing and maiming of so many innocent victims.

Rigoberto Lopez remaining free to commit the most heinous and despicable crimes is the result of New York’s soft-on-crime policies and the city’s lack of mental-health services.

Is anyone surprised that a man who raised his hand to a parent and a law-enforcement officer could harm complete strangers? Why wasn’t he serving time in prison for either of those crimes?

It’s time to vote the woke mob of legislators and our governor out of office and replace them with representatives who care about the health, safety and welfare of their constituents.

Kathryn Donnelly


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