These 7 Basics Are the Heroes of a Fashion Person’s 2021 Wardrobe

Basics are the foundational pieces in any wardrobe. It’s these simple items that more or less act as outfit building blocks, helping to balance out those trendier pieces in a look. While there are a range of top-notch basics out there that many of us probably have in our offerings, there are actually a few key styles fashion people seem to be wearing on repeat at the moment. In essence, the basics in question could be considered the heroes of a style setter’s 2021 wardrobe given their versatile and fashionable nature.

Below you’ll uncover this edit of next-level basics, along with a bit of visual inspiration as well. As a preview, you’ll see the latest in knitwear, denim, and layering pieces. With all that in mind, keep scrolling for more. Who knows, you may just end up uncovering a fresh piece that could become one of the new go-to basics in your rotation.

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