The $60 Sneakers That Look Classic With Jeans

There are two wardrobe staples that just work flawlessly together. Yep, we’re talking about jeans and sneakers here. On that note, it’s Converse sneakers, specifically, that are often front-runners in many a fashion person’s closets. Rightfully so, those $55 to $60 canvas kicks are about as classic as it gets and brings that effortlessly chic feel to just about any ensemble.

With all that in mind, we thought we’d highlight some of the best outfits featuring jeans and sneakers. There is more or less something for every style below, including a stylish look featuring polished tailoring and a sleek silhouette with trendy basics. Oh, and on the denim front, there’s everything from of-the-moment relaxed jeans to tried-and-true straight-leg cuts coming your way.

Keep scrolling for more, complete with inspired shopping picks as well.

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