The 3 Valentino Perfumes the Internet Is Obsessed With

You can also turn to some trusted brands. The cool thing about the fragrance world is that a lot of beloved fashion houses are in the perfume game as well. So if you love a brand’s aesthetic, you might also love its scents, too. Valentino is one example. Not only does the iconic fashion house make the most beautiful clothes, shoes, and accessories, but it also has some sophisticated, luxurious, and statement-making scents. And the internet has given them a lot of rave reviews, so you know they’re good.

And you know what? I think it might be the perfect time to discover a new signature fragrance. While we’re not quite out of the pandemic just yet, it’s looking like we might be spending more days outside of our homes now, reconnecting with friends and family (when it’s safe). So why not use this opportunity to debut something new? If you’re thinking the same way, consider these Valentino scents, plus some other highly rated fashion fragrances.

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