The 3 Shoes a Stylist Wants You to Retire Before Spring

Yes, I’m aware that this winter seems never-ending, but hear me out. While the winter drones on, I’ll be prepping my closet ahead of time so I’m ready to break out my freshest pieces at the first signs of spring. Which brings me to another topic I’m always game to discuss: shoes. If you looked at the current state of my shoe rack, boots and other wintery staples would fill your view, but it’s about time I do some spring-cleaning. 

To get some intel on which pairs to ditch and the spring shoe trends I should replace them with, I reached out to celebrity stylist Andrew Gelwicks. He shared three shoe styles, in particular, he wishes you’d just ditch already—consider these the heels, boots, and flats that need to go. “All of these trends have been played out,” he noted, “and it’s time to bring in new ideas.” We couldn’t agree more, which is why we’re jumping the gun with spring trends to ensure you’re as prepped as possible going into next season.

Keep reading to find out the outdated styles Gelwick’s recommends tossing; then shop the new spring shoe trends that will take their place.

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