RIP To My Coats, It’s Blazer Weather Now–These Are The Only Ones I Want To Wear

It’s finally not freezing beyond belief, so let’s take a moment to properly relish this moment the way only a fashion editor knows how–with a smorgasbord of blazers. I always say the best gauge of the weather is if you’re able to throw on a blazer without the need for an additional pile of stuffy layers. There’s truly nothing more liberating than finally shedding all of those winter weather accessories.

Personally, blazers are a staple piece within my wardrobe. High-waisted jeans and a white crew-neck tee topped with a blazer has been my go-to outfit formula for years now, and it simply does not go out of style. Stretchy pants with elastic waistbands may have replaced hard pants as the everyday uniform these days, but the good news is, yup, blazers still look chic with casual basics.

Whether you’re still committed to dressing up or have embraced the work-from-home loungewear lifestyle, a quality blazer will never be a useless item in your closet. In my excitement, I’ve already gone browsing for some of the styles I’m eager to wear in the coming months. Ahead, read on to see the whole selection of amazing blazers along with a dash of outfit inspiration from some of our favorite fashion girls; I think you’ll love these pieces too. 

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