Introducing the Size-Inclusive Athleisure Collection Designed by Lori Harvey

Unless you love to keep up with models that are changing the fashion industry or are a pop-culture fanatic like myself you may not be familiar with Lori Harvey. In fact, most of what we know about the 24-year-old model on the rise is based on dating gossip or her famous family, and not actually who she is or what she’s working on. But like most women, there’s so much more to her than meets the eye. Harvey first walked the runway back in 2017 at Milan Men’s Fashion Week for Dolce & Gabbana. Since then, she has amassed a huge Instagram following, booked more modeling jobs, and most recently,  collaborated with Naked Wardrobe on a collection of size-inclusive loungewear. Basically, she’s been out here so of course, we had to jump at the chance to speak with her one on one. Ahead you’ll hear from Harvey about why she decided to dip her toes into designing, why it was important to her for the collection to be size-inclusive, and so much more.

For those unfamiliar with your work, can you tell us a little about your previous experience in the fashion industry?  My mom introduced me to the industry when I was younger; I’ve always had a keen eye for fashion. Since I was around 3 or 4, I’ve been modeling, so fashion has always been part of my life. I got my first big break when Dolce & Gabbana invited me to walk in their show in 2017; from there, we formed a fantastic relationship, and from that stemmed a few campaigns and me walking in several more fashion shows for them.

How did your collaboration with Naked Wardrobe come to fruition? And what inspired you to get into designing clothing? The collaboration came very naturally! I have been wearing Naked Wardrobe for a long time now, and I am great friends with Shideh, who founded the company with her two sisters. It feels like I have been living in sweats and a Naked Wardrobe crop top through the entirety of quarantine, so it was a no-brainer for us when we decided to collaborate. I want to have my own clothing line eventually, so this was an excellent way for me to get my feet wet and learn the ins and outs and what all goes into making the best quality items possible.

What was the collection inspired by? How did you go about choosing fabrics for the first drop? What pieces did you feel you needed to create for this collaboration?  I drew inspiration for this collection from my everyday attire, especially as of late through the pandemic, so it was very authentic. I love to be comfortable without sacrificing my style, and I put my heart into designing something that could be done. Some of the fabrics we chose were pre-existing fabrics Naked Wardrobe already had; they are tried and true, and I love them. We did a unique blend for the ribbed crop tops we designed; we took a lot of time making sure they were the perfect mix of soft, stretchy, and durable. They are so comfy and cozy. I think everybody needs them as a staple piece in their closet. I felt like I needed to create the perfect sweatpants to go along with all of these great crop tops that we designed to make the epitome of cute loungewear.

How vital was size-inclusivity to you when it came to creating this collection?  Size inclusivity was paramount; I aimed to create something that is sexy, comfortable, and tailored to all women. I have friends and family of every size, and it was so important to me that they could be a part of this moment. Everyone deserves to feel confident in their clothes, and we kept that in mind throughout the entire design process.

Can you tell us a little about your design process?  I was involved in the design process for every little detail, from how long the drawstring was on the sweats to make sure the elastic on the crop tops hugged the body just right. We went to the drawing board a few times with the pieces to make sure each detail was perfect, and I am pleased with how it turned out!

What’s your favorite piece in the collection?  What’s the one item you feel every woman should have in her closet? I love the ribbed crop tops; from the fit to the fabric, I just love them. We especially took time on these; they are made out of a specially blended fabric and are genuinely a staple and statement piece in any wardrobe.

How has your personal style informed the way you approach design decisions?  I love sweats, and I love crop tops, so being able to create staple pieces with those silhouettes in a way that could be fun and sexy came very organically. Whether it is the one sleeve or the back cutouts, I aimed to craft something that could actually be worn in everyday life and evoke confidence. My personal style is the guide that brought the collection to fruition.

The pandemic has played an enormous role in how our approach to style and the way athleisure is viewed both in the fashion industry and beyond. What role do you think athleisure will play in the future of style?  Athleisure is definitely here to stay. There’s something about having pieces that you can wear to any occasion that is just so great. I think it is the perfect mix of comfort, style, and functionality.

What was your favorite part of designing this collection? And would you design again in the future?  I really enjoyed being able to put my hands on all the fabrics and perfect every little detail while designing this collection. I would love to design again in the future; I’ve always had an affinity for fashion, I think this is just the beginning.  What do you hope the fashion industry and women everywhere take away from this collection?                           . You can be comfortable and still look sexy and feel confident in your loungewear.

What’s next for you? Can you share any upcoming exciting news?

I have a lot coming up, and I am so excited to share what I have been working on! My skincare line is dropping very soon, along with a few other projects. My collaboration with Naked Wardrobe has been a great start to this eventful year and has been such a dope experience for me!

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