If You Think Ballet Flats are Boring, These 18 Will 100% Change Your Mind

Although I’m open to prioritizing comfort, I was never much of a flats girl. I’m either wearing sneakers, boots, or some type of heel. However, recently I think I’ve become a changed woman. My fellow editor Anna calls it the flats renaissance since it seems like everyone’s priorities have shifted to extra comfort, especially brands. More than ever, there are a variety of flats on the runway and they have been redesigned to be not your average flat. One flat in particular that’s been standing out? Ballet flats. While we’re all familiar with the style, can now find them in vivid colors, fun textures, and interesting shapes. 

Below, I found the 18 best ballet flats on the market, from affordable options at H&M and the luxury iterations released by Khaite and Chanel. As someone who hasn’t owned a ballet flat till this year, I regret not trying them out sooner. Whether the classic silhouette is your preferred taste or you want a funkier option, keep scrolling.

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