I Wrote 65 Stories About Shoes This Year—These Are the Pairs I Still Want to Buy

As editors, we have the freedom to write about fashion-related things we personally love, which explains why I’ve written 65 stories about shoes throughout the span of this year. I’m not just talking about stories with shoes in them—I’m talking about stories solely about shoe trends, brands, ones celebrities wear, and/or shopping. And naturally, many of the shoes I include in my stories are ones that I own or would very much like to own. 

For the most part, the majority of my shoe purchases this year consisted of house shoes, flats, and sneakers, and in the same vein, that’s what the bulk of my shoe-centric stories contained—but I can still appreciate a pair of beautiful, impractical shoes as well. If you stick with me, I’ll fill you in on which shoes from my stories this year are still in stock and I’d still buy. Even better, many are even on sale now, so let’s get to it.

Scroll to shop 20 pairs of shoes I loved enough to put in stories (and would still buy).

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