I Found Really Cute Versions of 27 Boring Home Items

There are many items in my home that I choose very intentionally, such as art and furniture. When I buy these big-ticket items, I always make sure they work well together and go with the vibe I’m planning. On the other hand, for miscellaneous, boring home items, I simply just choose what’s most convenient or the best price, and I don’t consider aesthetics. But now that I’m staying home more than ever, I’m obsessed with kitting out my apartment to the nth degree and thinking of every little detail. 

I’ve recently stumbled upon a lot of super cute versions of the most mundane home items imaginable—I’m talking about trash cans, ice cube trays, bottle openers, toasters, fruit bowls, and even a thermometer. Whoever thought you could have chic versions of these things? Well, you can. Scroll down to shop my favorite stylish home basics

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