Feast Your Eyes: These Are the 9 Prettiest Trends of Spring 2021

February is notoriously one of the toughest winter months to get through, as we’re all just over it at this point. But the end is near, my friends, and we’ll soon(ish) be wearing dresses, shorts, and sandals again. That’s enough to inspire me to shop. If you’re on the same page, the best place to start is by studying the trends. Specifically, I’m talking about pretty trends. And in my opinion, there’s no better season for pretty trends than spring.

Perhaps because we’ve been stuck at home in sweats for so very long and we’re craving beautiful clothes to wear, there are more pretty trends than ever for S/S 21. Designers really leaned into uplifting colors, eye-catching prints, and interesting details that are a big departure from what we were wearing in 2020. Hopeful and fresh and, of course, pretty is the name of the game with these trends. 

Keep scrolling to shop 9 of the prettiest trends that are in bloom for spring.

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