6 Instagrams to Follow If You Like Uncovering New Fashion Brands

Name one person who doesn’t enjoy uncovering a new fashion brand? I’ll wait… Even before I was a fashion editor, I would still get giddy about the prospect of finding something new, knowing not everyone would have it already, getting to see a brand really take off, and just generally supporting smaller businesses in an industry that’s dominated by big corporations. Now that I am an editor, though, I get to curate up-and-coming labels and give them a platform like Who What Wear. It makes my heart sing.

We do a number of stories highlighting new brands to watch in this space, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: many of my discoveries actually come from the same few stylish ladies I follow on Instagram. I love that these women always make a point to champion smaller labels and I often turn to their feeds to see who and what I should be paying attention to now. Curious to see all the new fashion brands I’ve taken note of through Instagram? Continue on to shop these new-to-me labels and see the accounts I found them through.

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