24 Products That Actually Make Your Hair Thicker

Generally speaking, when it comes to hair there seems to be one main thing that people want from their strands: thickness. In fact, when friends and family reach out to me with hair-related queries it’s most frequently to ask what the best products for thin hair are. I’ll be honest though, although I adore a good volumising product, hair thickness has never really concerned me. While my individual strands are quite fine, they’re coarse in texture and there’s a lot of them: I’m more likely to be testing products that promise hair hydration or strand-sleeking results than anything that makes hair look thicker. Until last year, that is.

After having my first child I experienced the much-talked about postpartum hair loss and wow was it intense. After enjoying even thicker, glossier hair during pregnancy I was shocked to see the huge amounts of hair that I was losing every day after having my son—and I say this as someone that sheds a fair amount of hair on a normal day. 

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