Tiggi Hawke Encourages You To ‘Seize The Moment’ & Hold On Tight In New Song ‘Gonna Run’

After a year of standing still, Tiggi Hawke is ready to get you moving with her new electro-pop track. So don’t let the good times ‘run’ past you! Instead, grab on for dear life and never let go!

“Keep your hands on me / hold me like I’m gonna run,” sings Tiggi Hawke on her new song, “Gonna Run.” In the new electro-pop track, premiering here on HollywoodLife, Tiggi brings a new meaning to “Carpe Diem,” encouraging listeners to fully embrace the moment when it comes – because it may never come again. Against a mid-tempo groove and thriving synth notes, Tiggi weaves a techno-bop, one that many will take to heart when dancefloors open up again.

“My latest single, ‘Gonna Run,’ was actually written a while ago with some incredibly talented people (Cilverback, Hannah Wilson) who I feel so lucky to have worked with,” Tiggi shares with HollywoodLife. “It has definitely gone through a few changes since then, and I’m delighted that it’s finally ready to be released. For me, ‘Gonna Run’ is about asking someone to seize a moment, to really give you all the emotional and physical commitment you’re asking for and hold you tight as if you could disappear at any moment. It describes one of those moments that is so charged, like a pivotal moment in a relationship, that you can either jump head-first into or back away and let it pass, and this song is definitely asking for someone to take that reckless leap with you.”

(Chesco Perez)

“Gonna Run” continues Tiggi’s momentum from 2020. Though the world was at a standstill due to COVID-19 lockdowns, the London-native continued to release music, including “Suddenly,” her collab with NBLM, “Electric Sun,” “High Season” (described as a “personal one”), and “Secrets,” her collaboration with club/house DJ Redondo. She also released For What Its Worth (Remixes), an EP full of DONDR-helmed remixes of her 2019 track (that featured appearances from KC Lights and Kokiri)

You ready, because Tiggi is ‘gonna run’ to the top of the music world. (Chesco Perez)

This new song is the latest step in a musical journey that began when she was just a teen. Tiggi has been singing and writing songs since she was 15. She began writing lyrics as an “emotional outlet,” per AMNPLY, but once she was introduced to full-on songwriting, she “fell in love with it.” It took a while to find her own groove and start her own project, but now that she has, it’s full-steam ahead. She will continue to deliver her blend of “alternative electro-pop,” a sound that is unafraid to experiment with genres and influences. “The most important part of my music, for me, is the potential connection I can make with people through my songs,” she said. “When I write, it is almost always about something I’ve felt or experienced which I hope people can relate to when they hear my music.”

Gonna Run” is out now.


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