Chandra Currelley Releases A Christmas Classic

Actress and singer Chandra Currelley has released a song that’s perfect for the holidays. 

Currelley shared “My Favorite Things” earlier this month as a way for preparing for the Christmas holiday that’s right around the corner. It’s a contemporary remake of a Christmas classic that can stand with the original. 

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In an exclusive statement to BET, Currelley explains the creative process for the song. “I’m excited about ‘My Favorite Things’ a Rodgers and Hammerstein classic for the season,” she says. “

“I worked with excellent musicians in a live studio recording to bring about a remake of this traditional classic to appeal to a wide audience and exemplify hope and excitement this holiday season,” she continues. “I also included West African rhythms to create a wonderful remake of “My Favorite Things” that I’m so proud of.”

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Currelley also explained why she decided to release this particular song. “I chose ‘My Favorite Things’  because it’s a checklist of things we love, and in a time where there is uncertainty it reminds us of the things that make us smile,” she says. “I also wanted to do it in a live season so it would feel real and be in real time. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoyed doing it!”

Listen to Currelly’s “My Favorite Things” up above.

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