Cardi B’s Daughter: Everything You Need To Know About Kulture

Cardi B and Offset’s daughter, Kulture has captured the hearts of fans everywhere! From her love for all things pink, to her stylish wardrobe — learn all about the couple’s 2-year-old daughter!

It’s hard to believe that Cardi B and Offset‘s daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus is only 2-years-old. Why, you ask? — The little fashionista, who already has over one million followers on Instagram, is spunky, sassy and well-dressed! Not to mention, Kulture was a social media star long before she got her own Instagram account, which is managed by Cardi.

The casual Cardi B fan may not know that Kulture first went viral while she was in her mom’s tummy. In April 2018, the rapper debuted her baby bump for the very first time during a performance on Saturday Night Live. The moment, which has since been marked in SNL history, was Cardi’s first time showing off her pregnant belly. On July 10, 2018, Kulture entered the world, and she’s been entertaining us with her cuteness ever since! Learn more about Cardi B and Offset’s daughter:

Who is Kulture Kiari Cephus?

Kulture is one of Hollywood’s most popular celebrity kids. Cardi announced her daughter’s arrival on Instagram with a gorgeous nude photo from a previous pregnancy shoot. “Kulture Kiari Cephus 07/10/18,” she wrote, tagging her daughter’s father in the post, which was shared on July 11.

What’s the Meaning Behind Kulture’s Name?

Cardi B and Offset celebrate Father’s Day with daughter Kulture in Los Angeles in June 2020. (NYP/BLM / BACKGRID)

When Cardi and Offset revealed their daughter’s name, fans were quick to dissect the meaning behind: Kulture Kiari Cephus. And, there’s layers to it. Fans were quick to make the connection between the then-newborn’s first name, Kulture and and Migos’ two hit albums, Culture and Culture II. The latter records are significant because they helped propel the rap trio to stardom.

Cardi herself confirmed that the couple sought inspiration from Migos’ discography in a post on Instagram set to Migos’ song, “Higher We Go,” off Culture II. Some of the lyrics include: “Higher we go, beg and plead for the culture.” Cardi captioned the post, which featured another nude maternity shot, with, “Kulture ! Anything else woulda been basic Okrrrrrrruuu!”

During an April 2018 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Cardi revealed that Offset was the one who named their baby girl. “My dude, he named the baby,” Cardi confessed at the time, admitting, “I really like the name.”

Kulture’s Top Moments

One of Kulture’s top cutest moments with both her parents came on Valentine’s Day in 2021. Cardi and Offset jetted off to Tulum, Mexico with their daughter and friends for the loving holiday, where the little one crash her parents’ date. In a video shared by Cardi, Kulture showed up at the couple’s outdoor dinner, where she gifted her mom with a flower. The sweetest part about the video was the end, when Kulture and Offset shared “I love you” messages and a kiss.

Crashing her mom’s social media videos has almost become a specialty of Kulture’s. In January, Cardi had fans cracking up over a video she shared that showed Kulture entering the room while she was rapping her NSFW track, “WAP”. When she noticed her daughter in the background of her video, Cardi quickly yelled, “No, no, no, no, no,” to overpower the music as she turned it down.

However, Kulture’s best video-bomb came in November 2020, when she interrupted her mom, who was modeling a sultry corset for the camera. “I can’t even be sexy In peace,” Cardi wrote on Instagram at the time.

And, let’s not forget about the (many) times Kulture has done her mom’s makeup. Cardi often shares cute clips of Kulture covering her eyes in eyeshadow. Additionally, if you’re looking for Kulture’s many fashion moments, just head over to her Instagram page, which includes stylish snaps with Cardi and more.

Cardi B’s Thoughts About Parenting and Kulture’s Future

Even the casual fan will know that Cardi B is outspoken — especially on social media. The Grammy-winner has explained many times that she will parent her child as she pleases, and rightfully so. She’s spoken out about her parenting styles on many occasions, due to internet critics and their opinions. Cardi has specifically addressed her daughter’s use of a pacifier at age two, after Twitter users claimed her daughter is “too old” to be using one.

“Some kids are not like your kids ! some kids don’t leave they paci fast or bottle or potty trained faster then others,” she tweeted on February 17, after she shared videos of her daughter with a pacifier on Instagram. “Some kids are cool ,calm some like to play and are super active that barely naps (mine) stop tellin moms what to do with their kids.”

After the January 2021 release of her hit song, “WAP” (a beyond R-rated track that includes sexual lyrics), Cardi came under fire after she shared a video of herself turning of the song when her daughter entered the room. “So ya daughter cant listen to it but everybody else’s daughter can?” one Twitter user wrote at the time, adding, “AW OKAY! Exactly what I been saying you have an agenda to push with that trash ass label your [sic] with. DISGUSTING.”

In a reply tweet, Cardi wrote, “Ya needs to stop with this already!”, noting, “I’m not [JoJo Siwa]! I don’t make music for kids I make music for adults. Parents are responsible on what their children listen too [sic] or see. I I’m [sic] a very sexual person but not around my child just like every other parent should be.”

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