6 Weighted Hula Hoops That Will Help You Get Toned Abs For Summer

Move over resistance bands, there’s a new fitness trend – weighted hula hoops – & we rounded up a variety of styles that will tighten your abs & you can shop them all here!

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The latest fitness trend to take TikTok by storm is the weighted hula hoop and it’s such a fun, efficient twist on the classic game. Weighted hula hoops target your core and abs to help get you a smaller waist and ab definition. There are two types of weighted hula hoops – large ones that are similar to the original products and a fitted hoop that wraps tightly around your waist with a weight attached that swings as you sway your hips. Below, we rounded up a few of our favorite hoops and you can shop them all right here!

1. Auoxer Fitness Exercise Weighted Hoops

This hula hoop with over 1,100 reviews is easy to assemble and comes with eight detachable parts that make it easy and convenient to store away when you’re not using it. You can adjust the weight of the hoop to fit your needs and when the hoop is fully assembled it weighs 1.9 pounds and measures 38 inches wide. $26, amazon.com

2. ZMYANG 2 in 1 Abdomen Fitness Hoola Hoops

You’ve probably seen this hula hoop on TikTok as this tool has gone viral. The hoop wraps around your entire waist tightly and has a hanging weight on the end so when you swing your hips, the weight moves with you. You can interchange four different weights depending on your strength and you can adjust the flexible band to fit you perfectly. $30, amazon.com

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3. HULALAA Weighted Hula Hoop

This portable hula hoop features thick foam padding so you can remain comfortable while you workout. Plus, it has a sturdy inner tube, detachable parts that make it easy to store away, and it’s super easy to assemble. The hoop measures 37 inches and it has eight sections ranging in weight from one pound to three pounds. $23, amazon.com

4. Dynamis Fat Burning Weighted Hoola Hoop

With over 1,700 positive reviews, this is one of the best weighted hula hoops out there. The hoop breaks up into eight different parts that are super easy to attach and disassemble. It is covered in soft padding to ensure maximum comfort throughout your entire workout. Plus, one happy customer gushed, “It is not hype, you can lose inches from your waist using it. I walk daily and attend pilates classes 4x week so I’m in good shape. After 6 weeks of hooping 30 minutes every day, I lost 1 1/2″ off my waist. Don’t be discouraged if you keep dropping the hoop. It took me about a week of practice to keep it continuously moving for more than 5 minutes.” $45, amazon.com

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5. ZHURGN Abdomen Fitness Equipment, Smart Hula Hoop

Available in two different colors – pink and blue – this smart hula hoop wraps entirely around your waist to ensure you get a targeted workout. The hoop is lined with little nozzles that massage your belly as you move to help burn more fat. The weight is attached by a string that moves entirely around the hoop as you sway your hips, plus, the hoop can be adjusted into 15 to 24 parts to suit your needs and size. $22, amazon.com

6. ANATYU Weighted Hula Hoops

This hula hoop is made with foam material to keep you comfortable during your exercise. At its largest, the hoop is eight sections, but they can easily be removed to fit your needs. One happy customer gushed, “Awesome weighted hoop. I use it for exercise and have used several in the past – this is by far the best one. And no bruises. It is heavy – which I love. And the large size makes it even easier to keep up. My favorite one ever!” $31, amazon.com

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