What will the draft look like for Washington Football Team?

The NFL draft is always an event that brings out a wealth of possibilities for the future. The occasion offers teams a great chance to look at the best of college football to strengthen their squads.

But what will Washington be looking for, and why?

Last Season and Looking Ahead

Washington lost out to eventual Superbowl champs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Wild Card Round. That followed on from an impressive lead up to winning the NFC East title on the back of four wins in a row.Punters that are betting online will see that sportsbooks have Washington Football Team at 4.5/1 to win the NFC East this year, coming in at third favorite.

Washington has its sights on improving for the upcoming regular season. Their odds for defending the title may well depend on if they can resolve the quarterback position.

The team has had some problems securing the abilities of a consistent QB and their chances for retaining the title may well depend on it.

Last season saw them win their first title since 2012. To repeat the success, many analysts believe they will need a new QB and to shore up the offence.

The draft picks that take place in the off-season could provide a chance at resolving these issues.

Past drafts

In the last few drafts, the side made some strong picks including last year’s outstanding defensive end Chase Young.

Young was selected second overall in the 2020 draft and was taken on from Ohio State.

He enjoyed a fantastic first rookie season with 7.5 sacks and 4 forced fumbles. He was named defensive rookie of the year by the Pro Football Writers of America.

Last year’s draft also saw the leading rusher Antonio Gibson head up to the NFL with Washington. He was joined by the solid safety Kam Curl from the drafts.

This year’s draft

WFC will wind up being 19th in the first-round pick thanks to their strong performances at the close of the season. It gives them plenty of scope to take an assured look at who is available to strengthen the team.

However, the position of 19th leaves them unlikely to be first in the queue for the most highly rated prospects such as Clemson’s QB Trevor Lawrence.

Even so, every draft will have plenty of options. 

Positions that need to be looked at

Many analysts would agree that Washington has an extremely solid defensive line. The squad is made up of many young players in defensive positions.

The main questions surround the positions of quarterback and the offence. The quarterback position has proved to be a difficult one for Washington to get right.

This was intensified by the disappointment of Dwayne Haskins, drafted in 2019 – who was released after less than two seasons.

As well as the QB position, there are other parts of the team that could be strengthened.

Here are some of the players that could feature in Washington’s thinking for the draft.

Jaylen Waddle, Wide Receiver, Alabama

While the quarterback position could be an ongoing thorn in the team’s side, Washington might not want to take too many risks early in the draft. Instead, they may be looking for an exceptional wide receiver such as Waddle.

Washington already has the formidable Terry McLaurin at WR, but a good offence needs at least two solid WR s to complement the offence. Drafting in a fresh receiver could be a good decision for Washington before looking at a QB in later stages of the draft or from a free contract.


Tyson Campbell, Cornerback, Georgia

A swift cornerback tipped to make it big, Campbell has been earmarked byfans and writers as a player who could make Washington’s solid defense even stronger.

The CBs physical style of play would bring an extra depth to Washington’s lineup.

Samuel Cosmi, Tackle, Texas

Some experts have picked up on the position of tackle in the Washington Football Team line up as an area they may be looking to strengthen.

The athletic tackle Cosmi could do exactly that. It is believed that with the correct training and coaching, he could become an elite tackle.

Trey Lance, Quarterback, North Dakota State

If Washington gets the chance of drafting Lance from out of North Dakota, they may well take it.
The unproven but highly promising quarterback has shown a dominant style of play during college football and could be a big success in the NFL. During a rookie season with Washington, he could learn from current no. 1 QB Alex Smith.

The Dangers of Building on a Strong Defense

While everyone knows how great the Washington defense is, it is not something to build a successful team around for an indefinite period.

No matter how great a defensive player is, he is not going to have as much impact as even an average quarterback does on the game.

For this reason, Washington will continue to seek out a suitable new Quarterback, either via the draft or by bringing in a veteran.

Whatever happens, the draft offers a tantalizing glimpse of what future star players could be making the plays in the NFL.

Washington fans will be hoping the picks will bolster the squad and bring the team into striking distance of next year’s honors.


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