What Happens During Crematorium Services

Cremation services are becoming ever more popular. Not just because they can be cost-effective but because many people are starting to prefer the choice to ground burials. However, there is a lot to know about crematorium services before you make your choice.

From types of services to religious beliefs and more, it’s important to make an informed decision. Read on for everything you need to know about choosing cremation services.

Types of Cremation Services

Many people worry that they won’t be able to have a traditional funeral when they are cremated. In fact, the choices involved in choosing cremation services are more vast than that of a traditional funeral.

If you want relatives and friends to be able to say their goodbyes at a service, you can still opt for an open casket service and the cremation will take place afterward. Similarly, you can also opt for a closed casket service.

You can also plan a memorial service at a funeral home, an outside venue, or hold a ceremony to scatter the ashes. The cost of your service will depend heavily on the choice you make.

With that in mind, it’s important to plan for prepaid cremation and make your choices as early as possible so you can budget. It also means that your relatives don’t have to worry about making choices for you at the last minute.

Is My Religion Against Cremation?

In the past, many religions have been against cremation. However, as it has become a more popular and affordable option, more faiths are allowing individuals to make their own choices.

If you’re thinking about cremation for yourself but you’re unsure of your faith’s stance on it, it’s best to consult your spiritual advisor.

The Cost of Cremation Services

Cremation services cost is often far cheaper than traditional ground burial. However, you do need to keep some things in mind. For instance, if you want an open casket service before cremation, the cost of embalming will heighten the overall price.

It’s also wise to remember that just because cremation is an affordable option, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop around. Cremation services in your area will differ in cost according to each provider.

Be sure to read all contracts thoroughly before signing anything. You must look at the small print when it comes to your cremation so you know exactly what your money is paying for. The last thing you want is your family having to deal with a financial surprise.

Ask your provider to explain any packages they offer to you. Is the package a bundle offer that includes extras or is it simply a basic cremation package? Will you pay for using your own urn? Will you pay extra for handling the body?

Finding out the specifics could save your loved ones a lot of work at a time when they’ll be grieving and possibly unable to think clearly.

What Can I Do with the Ashes?

When someone is cremated, the crematory delivers their ashes to their loved ones in a temporary container. Alternatively, you can provide the crematory with an urn of your choice. When it comes to scattering ashes, there are plenty of choices available.

Cemeteries have designated burial plots where ashes can be buried and some even have gardens that are specifically used for scattering ashes. Ashes are used by family members for special and personal ceremonies. For example, some ashes can be placed in an artificial reef and put in the ocean.

There are also many options for ashes to be put in pieces of jewelry, such as rings and necklaces, to be worn by the family. This is a way of allowing your family to always carry a piece of you with them when you’re gone.

Go Green

The concern of many people regarding cremation is the amount of energy and greenhouse gases used in the process of cremating bodies. This can be significantly harmful to the environment but there are ways of having a greener cremation.

Choosing a non-toxic and renewable container in advance can ensure you lessen the emissions during cremation. You can also opt for a biodegradable urn, especially if you plan on being buried.

It’s also worth looking around at different crematoriums and their policies. Check which measures they have put in place to improve their carbon footprint and ask if they’d be willing to purchase carbon credits to balance out any effect your cremation may have on the environment.

How Does Your Family Feel?

You may have already decided exactly what you want for your own funeral but it’s also important to talk to your family about it. Some people choose to make this decision entirely by themselves but others like to involve their loved ones.

Most importantly, you don’t want your wishes to come as a surprise to your family. They may disagree with your decision but if they know it’s what you want, they’re more likely to respect it.

Are Crematorium Services For You?

When deciding if crematorium services are for you, there are lots of things to consider. That’s why it’s often best to start planning and shopping around for the best deals.

When all is said and done, you are the only one who can decide whether you are cremated or have a traditional burial. Why not take a look at some of our blogs for more advice on anything and everything life has to throw at you?

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